What To Know About Children’s Eyeglass Frames

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Children need frames that are sturdy. Children’s bridges are not developed. Their noses are relatively flat so there isn’t anything to hold the glasses up. Cable temples can be very helpful. Cable temples literally wrap around a child’s ears and keep them up where they belong.

If a young child has a strong prescription cable temples are mandatory. Titanium is a great choice of frame material for kids. Titanium is strong, flexible and lightweight. These three features take a lot of the misery out of wearing glasses for young children.

Spring hinges can help glasses stay in adjustment longer. If you don’t get titanium for your child’s frame plastic is still a good choice with many bright color options.

Allow your child to participate in the choice. You and your optician may choose three appropriate frames. If the child makes the final choice your chances of him or her wearing it increases. With today’s sharp styling children’s eyewear can be enjoyable to wear. All children’s eyewear need to have polycarbonate lenses, a virtually unbreakable material.